Stay connected in the classified world

BluVault is a facility-wide solution to allow mobile phone communication inside secure spaces.

Primary BluVault box for your mobile device.

The Problem

Today’s employees expect to have mobile phone access everywhere they go. Prohibiting personal mobile phones in the workspace improves security but decreases worker productivity.

In secure facilities, the mobile phone break wastes time and money when employees step outside to maintain contact with their daily lives. A “no mobile phone” space — whether a SCIF in the military, in government, or the private sector — is not consistent with the modern working world.

The BluVault Solution

An employee leaves his or her phone in a BluVault cabinet outside the restricted space. The phone now becomes a part of the unclassified phone system. Calls to the mobile phone are securely routed to the employee’s desk phone inside the restricted office space.

Employees working behind a “no mobile phone” door can maintain a normal work-life balance from within a SCIF or other secure facility. Facilities using BluVault see improved workforce productivity and they realize cost savings when employees can use their own private phones to conduct personal business.

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What is BluVault?

BluVault cabinet for a secure facility.

BluVault is a centrally located cabinet that allows you to use your mobile phone from within a classified space that prohibits mobile phones. After you pair a Bluetooth-enabled phone with a BluVault adapter, your mobile phone becomes a part of the unclassified phone system. You can place and receive calls from your mobile phone through BluVault.

The U.S.-built cabinets are available in 4-, 12-, and 24-cubicle units. Multiple cabinets can work together to support a larger facility.

BluVault is built in the United States by Charon Technologies and is deployed in numerous facilities in support of hundreds of individual users. BluVault cabinets improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance security and increase employees’ quality-of-life by providing a single solution to forward mobile calls to desk phones securely and transparently.

BluVault comes with complete professional setup and a customized configuration depending upon your needs. Responsive customer service ensures that your BluVault is operating optimally and securely. We can even match the cabinet’s finish to your existing office furniture.

BluVault solutions are available for purchase or on a month-to-month lease. In our experience, those who lease end up buying the product.


  • Digital call quality: Sounds as good as your mobile phone.
  • Transparency: Use is completely invisible to callers on both ends.
  • Provider-neutral: Works with all mobile networks and the vast majority of business telephone equipment.
  • Mobile device support: Works with almost every Bluetooth-capable mobile device.

Maintain security

  • Technical security: Only passes audio traffic — no data — using approved wall-penetrating media (such as fiber optics), if necessary.
  • Personal security: Cabinets have a customizable PIN for each user and a locking door.
  • Operational security: Ensure proper cover management for facilities and personnel.

Seamless integration

  • Industry standards-compliant: Integrates with most modern phone systems and is compatible with typical physical connections and data protocols.
  • Detailed call data records: Aids security and compliance requirements by providing detailed usage reports.
  • Simplified administration: The intuitive graphical interface provides streamlined centralized management for your IT and telephony professionals.

Who needs BluVault?

Military & Government

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Offices and facilities that handle sensitive or classified information need BluVault to maintain communication with the outside world.

Overseas bases also may lack adequate mobile phone coverage throughout the facility, so a centrally located BluVault cabinet assures that your phone is always in contact.

The BluVault cabinet can route calls to any destination within the secure space or throughout a large building while maintaining operational security.

Corporate & Finance

Financial industry regulations or corporate policies prohibit mobile phones from locations such as trading floors, R&D labs, evidence rooms, hospitals, or data centers.

With BluVault, employees working in these places can maintain mobile contact while the camera and data storage capabilities of their phones are safely locked outside. BluVault also saves money by reducing call volume on company-owned landlines.

Your Personal Life

No one wants to be cut off from the rest of their lives. BluVault enables you, the employee, to maintain a modern work-life balance from inside a SCIF or other secure facility.

You can also place calls from your mobile phone number instead of an anonymous desk phone, so your personal and business contacts will know it’s you calling. And you have instant access to calls from the kid’s school, family, the plumber, or any other important person in your life.

Why BluVault?

Productivity & Cost

BluVault ROI

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When workers have to leave a SCIF to make calls or check voicemail, these “digital smoke breaks” waste resources that should be devoted to work. These breaks can be costly to worker productivity and mission focus. BluVault’s effectiveness allows for a quick Return on Investment. BluVault assures you that if someone needs to reach you, they can.

Sites with BluVault systems have seen improved organizational continuity now that employees don’t need to step outside. BluVault users also make calls with their own mobile minutes, which reduces call origination and long distance charges and demand for costly business trunk lines.


The camera and data storage features of modern phones are obvious security vulnerabilities to secure workspaces. BluVault manages voice calls while keeping the inherently unsecure devices outside the facility.

Bluetooth is a mature technology for connecting wireless devices and the BluVault system components are hardened and secured according to industry best practices and your facility’s networking requirements.

Lifestyle & Morale

A mobile phone is so important that many people feel cut off from their whole life when they are cut off from their phone. Some power users may even turn down a job if it means being away from such a vital connection.

Before BluVault, this modern lifestyle has not been consistent with working in a secure facility. Now, BluVault users can stay in touch with their lives.

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