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Mobile Network Survey and Forensics Platform

Cell Seeker Pro is the premier mobile network survey and forensics platform in the market today.

Cell Seeker Pro

The Problem

Mobile phones have become part of daily life for billions of subscribers worldwide. Phone companies construct wireless networks such that subscribers are provided with the best reception and most complete cellular coverage possible. The most obvious evidence of this is the increasing number of Base Station Transceivers (BTS), i.e. cell towers, appearing almost everywhere. However, some cell towers are not at all obvious. In some countries the location of cell towers is published for all to see; in others there is no legal obligation to do so.

There are many reasons and motivations for organizations to possess an independent mobile network survey capability.

  • Law Enforcement organizations require accurate knowledge of cell tower location and cell reception footprints for evidential and investigative purposes.
  • Security and military organizations require accurate knowledge of cell tower location and cell reception footprints for target location purposes and for electronic counter measures.
  • Commercial tracking applications require cell information for geo-location purposes.
  • Network providers require cell coverage information for network optimization purposes

The Solution

The Cell Seeker Pro solution provides both the equipment and software for accurately surveying and mapping mobile networks. The mobile network survey equipment is able to reference reception power level, RF channel, and other network data against a GPS fix. This enables a complete reception level footprint of any cell or cell tower to be derived. The reception footprints in any area can be compared for all existing mobile network service providers for those subscribers seeking best coverage in an area. Individual network providers can analyze where coverage is weak with a view to making improvements. Cell Seeker Pro provides extensive analytics making individual and customized querying of the database possible.

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What is Cell Seeker Pro?

Cell Seeker Pro is comprised of a mobile network survey unit and the Cell Seeker mobile network data storage, analysis, management and mapping system that provides a full mobile network forensics capability.

How Cell Seeker Pro’s Cell Tower Locator Works

The hardware comprises a Windows OS laptop connected via USB to a Cell Seeker mobile network survey unit, built-in GPS, and a roof-mounted antenna.

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Up to 12 networks (2G, 3G, 4G LTE and CDMA) can be sampled simultaneously. Other wireless technologies can be catered for and manufactured to order.

The emphasis is on high-speed gathering of mobile network data from large numbers of cells from a moving vehicle; however, the system can also be used in a pedestrian carry-pack or at a static deployment. The data generated by the unit is captured locally in real-time and can be imported post-survey for storage, analysis, mapping, and forensics. Functionality within Cell Seeker Pro includes:

  • Storage of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) data, cell information and BTS cross-referencing
  • Auto-upload of survey data with creation of cell and BTS records as appropriate
  • Screening and analysis of survey data
  • Mapping of specific cell site survey or mission data to provide cell footprints and approximate handset positions for law enforcement investigative or evidential purposes
  • Import of CDRs (call data records) for mobile handsets of interest for approximate location of handset during key calls and SMS messages
  • Mapping of handset locations during calls and SMS messages of interest

Cell Seeker analytic functions can predict useful information such as:

  • Probable cell tower location
  • Network cell shape and coverage
  • Network reception power levels

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