Endpoint Agent

How safe are your secrets?

Detect data theft and take control of your information with iD-Tect Endpoint Agent. iD-Tect Endpoint Agent is a lightweight software agent for tracking data transfers between computer systems and removable storage media. With iD-Tect Endpoint Agent, you will know every time data is moved to or from a user’s system.

Detect the insider threat

Unfortunately, the majority of intellectual property theft is from a company’s own employees. A malicious employee knows better than an outsider what data is most valuable and normally has access to those information assets. Even a loyal employee can make a costly error by transferring sensitive data to an unsecure system. With iD-Tect Endpoint Agent, you can identify malicious employees and protect your intellectual property.

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Install Endpoint Agent to enforce policy, stop malware, protect your information, and reduce costs.

Administer use policy and detect suspicious activity

Managers can use iD-Tect Endpoint Agent to ensure compliance with the organization’s acceptable use policies and detect violations. Endpoint Agent logs routine data backups and transfers, establishing a pattern of routine activity. The software identifies when changes in this pattern merit investigation or pose a risk to the security of your data.

Prevent malware infections spread by USB drive

USB drives are a major vector for malware infections. Spyware, computer viruses, or other malware can copy themselves onto removable storage media. From there, the malware can be copied to any computer that uses the device. By logging all executable files run from a removable USB drive, iD-Tect Endpoint Agent can track and identify potential malware.

Secure your proprietary information

Leaks of proprietary information can have catastrophic effects. When an employee leaves, iD-Tect Endpoint Agent generates an exit report that can inform a manager if an employee has recently transferred sensitive data to a USB drive, burned it to a CD, or engaged in other suspicious activity. These logs can provide valuable evidence of misconduct.

Reduce costs associated with data breach investigation and remediation

In the event that your proprietary information is lost or stolen, it can be expensive to launch an investigation to recover your data. iD-Tect Endpoint Agent augments your forensic efforts by swiftly and conclusively identifying the source of an incident, saving time and minimizing the damage of a data breach.

Protect your intellectual property — Detect the threat with iD-Tect Endpoint Agent.

Product specifications


  • Logs file activity to and from: CD, DVD, SD, SDHC, SDXC, and USB
  • Can be deployed with Windows Installer (.msi)
  • Supports Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)
  • Uses Microsoft Windows Event Logging
  • Uses minimal system resources


  • Automated installation
  • Supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory group policy
  • Web-based reporting engine

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