Managed Network Services

Companies on the cutting-edge of business need to move quickly - to close deals, conduct M&A due diligence, collaborate with business partners. These innovative businesses can attract the unwanted attention of competitors, market researchers, and patent trolls, all looking for an advantage.

This environment dictates the use of hardened and constantly evolving solutions to enable customers fluid communications while conducting business all over the world. Combining availability, ease of use, and best in class security, Charon's enhanced network services make the difference in advancing our clients' objectives.

Where we excel

Charon's network services team specializes in designing, building, and deploying highly secure networks that enable our customers to communicate and collaborate with confidence, while shielding not only their identities, but that of their partners and the nature of their business activities. Facilitating these sensitive transactions require both unique application of existing tech as well as customizing some of the latest technical breakthroughs in networking and communication.

Our primary areas of expertise include:

  • Rapid deployment of secure network infrastructure
  • Assured business continuity
  • High-availability and fault-tolerant solutions
  • Innovative security monitoring
  • Proactive network management and support
  • Advanced collaboration solutions
  • Responsive desktop / virtualization solutions

Innovative Web Applications

Charon software developers create innovative web applications that are the backbone of our network service offerings, to increase our customers' productivity and mobility. From advanced collaboration suites to bespoke and novel business management tools, our forward-leaning development team pushes boundaries to anticipate and build elegant solutions for tomorrow's complex problems.

A few specific areas of focus include:

  • Intuitive, business-focused human interfaces
  • Rapid prototyping with a high degree of customer interaction
  • Platform agnostic development
  • Fully integrated testing and QA process

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