Our customers have approached Charon Technologies with very specific problems that required a lot of thought and innovation. While many of those solutions are focused on a single problem for one customer, our thinking has also yielded mobile security hardware and software systems that have a broader appeal.

Our current focus is hardware and software for information security for facilities, networks, desktop computers, and personal use. Charon’s product line will have a booth at several major technology trade shows this year. Stop by to see a demo of some of our best mobile security products in action and meet some of our engineers.

Hardware Solutions

BluVault logo

BluVault is a facility-wide solution to allow workers in a secure facility to access their mobile phones. Phone calls are securely routed into the restricted office space and to the employee’s desk phone. BluVault users can stay in touch with their lives.

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Network Guard logo

The Network Guard suite of mobile security products protects your mobile communications from nefarious surveillance through unmatched technology capable of detecting and locating active or semi-active mobile phone interceptions.

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Cell Seeker Pro logo

Cell Seeker Pro allows for accurate mobile network surveys and forensics to be conducted with industry leading analysis, mapping, and management of the collected data.

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STC Portable Spectrum Analysis

A portable Radio Frequency (RF) detection and monitoring system that is small and lightweight that utilizes an easy to use interface designed so a user with minimal RF knowledge can operate it.

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CommLock logo

Utilizing the same CommLock technology that runs Rampart, CommLock Connect protects any IP-enabled device such as computers, SCADA and healthcare equipment, and even mobile platforms with hardware-based security.

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Rampart logo

Charon builds the first truly secure tablet. Our proprietary CommLock module ensures secure and encrypted access to sensitive data even over public networks. The customizable Rampart tablet opens mobile computing to a new range of business purposes.

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FlashZero logo

FlashZero protects proprietary information, trade secrets, classified data, HIPAA-protected medical data, banking info, and any other sensitive files. With the touch of a button, FlashZero leaves zero trace of your private data. Available in USB and SSD form factors.

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Software Solutions

iD-Tect logo

The iD-Tect Series detects and eliminates malware command and control channels emanating from your network. Just one of the iD-Tect products will add significant protection to your network security but together the iD-Tect Series provides a complete solution to data theft.

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iD-Tect Endpoint Agent logo

iD-Tect Endpoint Agent is a lightweight software agent for tracking data transfers between computer systems and removable storage media such as CDs, USB drives, and memory cards.

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iD-Tect Proxy Logs logo

iD-Tect Proxy Logs is a cloud-based log analysis service that scours the volumes of log data from your network with powerful analytics to detect advanced malware, bots, and even insider threats.

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iD-Tect Web Proxy logo

iD-Tect Web Proxy is based on the Squid proxy server and web cache daemon. Decide which sites users can browse and protect your information assets from exfiltration and insider threats.

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