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Detect the infiltrators in your network

Charon’s engineers understand how the offense thinks and we’ve designed iD-Tect Proxy Logs from that perspective. iD-Tect Proxy Logs is a cloud-based log analysis service developed by Charon. It analyzes the volumes of log data from your network with powerful analytics to detect advanced malware, bots, and even insider threats. It will stop a data leak cold.

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Collect, analyze, and report with iD-Tect Proxy Logs.

You’ve taken all the standard precautions — you have a proxy, firewall, and even an intrusion-detection system. But somehow you have a data leak and now your sensitive information is public. The source of the leak is hidden somewhere in the logs generated by your security tools, but combing through all those piles of data to isolate and scrutinize suspicious activities is like finding a needle in a big pile of nearly identical needles.

You can respond to security incidents with the full backing of Charon’s expert staff to augment your own security specialists. Using iD-Tect Proxy Logs to monitor your log data will ensure compliance with your regulatory and internal usage policies.

Collect data

iD-Tect Proxy Logs’ around-the-clock management and monitoring allows us to efficiently collect data logs. Log data can be delivered on physical media or over an encrypted high-speed link. The security and confidentiality of your data is our primary concern. iD-Tect Proxy Logs uses encrypted, access-controlled repositories for all data storage.

Analyze artifacts

Charon’s advanced proxy log analysis engine correlates data streams to find malicious activity and compares it against our combination of datasets including address databases, DNS, domain blacklists, and malware catalogs. The engine’s sophisticated signature algorithms include a combination of advanced statistical analysis, sophisticated behavioral modeling techniques, and comparison with security datasets.

Report threats

iD-Tect Proxy Logs produces reports with actionable information about your network operations and suspected malicious activity. Reports provide complete analysis of data transfers, denied requests, webmail, social media sites, direct IP requests, and other potentially malicious vectors.

Key points


  • Control costs
  • Supports forensic investigations and security audits
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory policies and internal usage policies
  • Identify and quickly respond to suspicious activity
  • Manage risk
  • Reduce false positives


  • Provides advanced statistical analysis
  • Offers around-the-clock management and monitoring
  • Presents immediate comparison with known security datasets
  • Converts raw proxy log data into security insight on insider threats

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