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You need a cost-effective and unobtrusive way to secure your network that still grants your employees the Internet access they need to ensure productivity and profitability. That security starts with a robust web proxy. iD-Tect Web Proxy is based on the Squid proxy server and web cache daemon. Give your network manager the power to decide which sites users can browse, determine which applications can reach outside your network, and protect your information assets from exfiltration and insider threats.

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Internet access, your way

Your network administrator can set up blacklists and whitelists using Charon’s automated module. Then you can refine the set of blacklisted domains with iD-Tect Web Proxy’s customized settings. You can block all traffic from countries in which you don’t do business, from sites that drain employee productivity, or anything else you decide is inappropriate.

Product features

  • Configure the iD-Tect Web Proxy as a non-authenticating proxy or as a full authenticating proxy.
  • Log all user requests with iD-Tect Web Proxy, then use iD-Tect Proxy Logs to detect suspicious activity and eliminate malware hiding in your network.
  • Protect against malware agents by blocking the command and control communications between the agent and the control infrastructure.
  • Stop malware and bots with iD-Tect Web Proxy’s Squid-based authentication feature. Only valid user traffic leaves your network.
  • Use Charon’s automated blacklist/whitelist module, which incorporates hourly updates of external blacklists from reputable web sources (such as Zeus and MDL) and your own corporate-defined black/whitelisting.

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