Always Work over a Secure Connection with CommLock Connect

Sharing information between authorized personnel is essential to the success of any organization, but the process of sharing sensitive data across a network can expose these organizations to major security threats -- unless they implement an appropriate network security solution.

When you need to strengthen your network security posture while maintaining the freedom to work remotely, CommLock Connect is the best solution. This system from Charon Technologies uses a hardware-based Root of Trust to protect any IP-enabled device. This means that employees can protect sensitive data on their mobile devices, remotely operate SCADA, healthcare, or proprietary business equipment and even access a secure private networks even when working outside of the office. CommLock Connect also offers built-in firewall functionality, further allowing you to control the traffic that is sent and received, giving you complete control over your network.

CommLock Connect vs. Software-Based VPNs

By using a self-contained, hardware-based Root of Trust rather than a completely software-based solution such as a VPN, CommLock offers greater reliability and stronger security for its users.

VPNs allow authorized employees to access a private network remotely and encrypt the data so that if anyone were to intercept it, they cannot interpret it. Many security providers tout software-based VPNs as the most effective and affordable way to protect your network, but these systems are not without their vulnerabilities. These software-based VPNs can have connectivity issues and users may find that they are sometimes unable to access the network when they need it most. Further, these solutions can never escape the inherent issues that all software-based solutions have -- software vulnerabilities.

On top of the reliability and security issues, software-based VPNs simply don't work without operating systems on the endpoint. For example, software-based VPNs can't be used with SCADA devices, healthcare equipment, and certain proprietary devices that don't have an operating system. This equipment cannot be protected with software the way computers can, but because CommLock Connect doesn't require any software to be loaded onto the end device, it can protect these devices from adversaries who might attempt to hack the system. CommLock Connect can be used with any device that supports standard wired network connectivity, including remotely-operated industrial equipment, such as electrical power grids and HVAC systems.

Applications for CommLock Connect

As telecommuting becomes more and more common, businesses and government agencies need to ensure that their remote employees are not viewing and sharing sensitive information over an unprotected network. This is especially important for workers who frequently travel outside the country and may be forced to use an untrusted foreign network. Hotel networks are especially insecure. As an example, CommLock Connect, which is roughly the size of a deck of cards, can be plugged into a laptop's USB, Ethernet port, or connected via WiFi to establish a secure connection between this laptop and an organization's private network. This allows workers to access their company email, private cloud, and use the Internet without fear of their data being intercepted. To learn about tablets with CommLock technology, click here.

CommLock Connect is also valuable to large organizations that want to restrict access to data for fear of an internal breach. CommLock Connect and a CommLock server can be set up between two LAN endpoints, so that only people with access to those endpoints will receive the data.

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