Protect your data from falling into the wrong hands

FlashZero secure flash drives: USB, USB+ and SSD.

Deleting a file or formatting a USB drive is not enough. Both procedures leave the data intact in unallocated memory. The only way to securely wipe your hard drive is FlashZero. Using the “delete” command or even “re-format” erases the file table, but leaves the data in memory. Anyone with a simple hex editor can read your data and rebuild the file.

FlashZero USB & FlashZero USB+

FlashZero USB and FlashZero USB+ look and act like a regular USB flash drive. But their special features protect proprietary information, trade secrets, classified data, HIPAA-protected medical data, banking info, and any other sensitive files. With the touch of a button, FlashZero leaves zero trace of your private data. Using FlashZero’s secure erase function completely deletes all data that was ever on the drive. It’s the best way to clean your hard drive and protect your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Several software programs on the market claim to “shred” your unallocated memory, but these techniques can’t guarantee complete erasure. FlashZero erases all data forever. FlashZero USB+ includes an internal battery, so data can be wiped from your hard drive or USB even when it’s not connected to a PC.

FlashZero SSD

FlashZero SSD provides the same functionality as FlashZero USB with the speed and storage size of a solid-state drive. Install FlashZero SSD in your desktop, laptop, or any hard drive enclosure and rest easy that your data can be securely erased with the press of a button.

FlashZero SSD can also be installed in large-scale storage area networks, allowing entire disk arrays to be erased in seconds before they can be compromised.

FlashZero is designed and fabricated in the United States.

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Who needs FlashZero?

Embassy staff members in the opening minutes of the movie Argo: As dramatized in the award-winning film, U.S. State Department employees were caught off guard November 4, 1979, when Iranian protestors stormed the embassy. They needed an hour to destroy classified material and were forced to resort to smashing computers with hammers. Iranians were later able to reassemble some shredded documents to identify embassy employees.

You may never face something quite so serious, but when you suddenly have the need to destroy large amounts of data you don’t want to use a hammer. FlashZero SSD can guarantee removal of sensitive information in just seconds. Charon Technologies can configure a large array of FlashZero drives that can be erased with just one button. You’ll also find that destruction by FlashZero is much more thorough than destruction by hammer.

Sales and marketing professionals

Keep track of your proprietary business information and protect your own network. On-site demos or trade show presentations often require you to connect your laptop or a USB device to an unfamiliar network. With FlashZero SSD for laptops and FlashZero USB, you can guarantee that you’re not returning to the office with infected files.

System administrators

FlashZero USB allows you to easily distribute user-specific configuration files, datasets, and passwords. Transfer files and settings to a new user’s machine and then rest easy when you can completely erase the user’s data from the portable device.

Medical and legal professionals

Protect patient and client data while complying with privacy mandates by using FlashZero to transfer confidential personal medical or legal files internally or between providers.

Business travelers

Trade secrets don’t belong out in the open on an unprotected tablet or laptop. FlashZero is portable and secure to keep your sensitive corporate data safe. FlashZero can be quickly and conveniently erased before it can fall into unauthorized hands.

Personal use

Use the same device for personal and business data storage without concern for lingering artifacts after each use.

How to use FlashZero

FlashZero USB and FlashZero USB+ work the same as a conventional USB drive. Simply plug it into a computer and transfer files as you normally would. When you’re finished using it, press and hold the button for five seconds to enter the erase mode. When the LED turns orange, release the button. You have five seconds before the orange LED turns off to press and release the button twice in rapid succession to begin securely erasing your data from the hard drive or USB. The LED will flash red until your data is gone. When the LED turns green, your FlashZero drive is ready to be used again.

FlashZero USB uses your computer as a power source, but FlashZero USB+ can also operate on internal battery power. Forget to erase before leaving your laptop? No problem, with FlashZero USB+, press the button anywhere anytime to begin erasing. The battery provides a year of standby time.

FlashZero SSD can be installed in any typical 2.5-inch drive bay or mounted in an external enclosure. It operates identically to the USB models, but can also be configured to operate in a large storage array.

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