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As the touchscreen mobile device market continues to mature, tablet computing is rapidly growing as a desirable platform for customized software applications in a wide variety of market sectors. But enterprises are stuck buying tablets that are configured only for the consumer market, which do not provide the necessary tablet security for their unique requirements. Typical tablets are unsuited to handle the specialized data protection requirements of regulated industries or businesses that value their intellectual property and customer data.

The open architecture of commercial Android tablet devices is insecure and exposes the device to a range of electronic and physical compromises. The closed architecture of Apple’s iOS makes it impossible for businesses to customize or manage. Most tablets also come in provider-designed flavors: either they are cheap and underpowered or too feature-rich and expensive for practical fleetwide deployment in a business environment.

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Our custom tablets are the solution to security, scalability, and cost concerns.

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Rampart offers a fully configurable tablet with a built-in CommLock module that provides a secure tablet communication ecosystem. CommLock, developed by Charon Technologies, uses embedded, domestically fabricated hardware-based security. CommLock creates a controlled, secure tunnel between the tablet and CommLock appliance to ensure tamperproof authentication and secure transmission of data.


Rampart custom-built hardware and applications can be distributed and easily maintained in support of an enterprise of any size. The flexibility of the Android platform allows the system to be easily maintained, upgraded, and expanded.


The commoditization of tablet computing components translates to cost-savings over dedicated embedded-application hardware devices. Typical Android hardware configurations have the same or better capabilities compared to a single-application dedicated portable hardware solution (for example, a handheld data collection scanner).

The Rampart secure ecosystem

Rampart CommLock Tablet Security Ecosystem

The graphic above illustrates how you can deploy custom-designed Rampart tablets across your entire user base and connect through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to the CommLock appliance. This appliance will sit within the private cloud infrastructure and can serve numerous applications including video conferencing, a private App Store, email, VoIP, or remote desktop services. These secure tablets will be tailored specifically to your needs. Through your close partnership with Charon, all functions, security, and features will be under your control throughout the development, production, deployment, and support cycles.

Commercial and government customers that need secure communications and malware- and hack-resistant devices can immediately benefit from the secure Rampart tablet. With customer-driven hardware and software configurations, the security of your tablet and private data is never in doubt. You also control the interface and feature set of all Rampart-installed software apps.

CommLock-enabled tablets send and receive only encrypted data (AES 256-bit), meaning that a stolen or lost Rampart tablet just has to have its certificate revoked from the appliance and it then becomes completely useless. CommLock offloads all networking security functionality from the Android OS and Application Layer. Security keys, certificates, and all security functionality are completely transparent to the Android OS. As a result, the security and network configuration cannot be altered from the user level.

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Rampart, for your industry

A shadow of a soldier overlays a rugged Rampart tablet computer a top a swath of desert.

Military, intelligence, and law enforcement

Rampart provides nearly endless capabilities for agencies that need to securely modernize their workforce. Its architecture can support applications such as email, VoIP, and video teleconferencing. Rampart’s closed-loop design provides secure communication between leadership and forward-deployed locations. The available lightweight—but durable—case can take the place of a ruggedized laptop or bulky documents needed by warfighters who rely on information to do their jobs. The U.S. Air Force estimates that a tablet can replace 50 pounds of documents in a pilot’s flight bag. Savings in fuel and printing costs can quickly pay for the hardware and software.

Rampart tablets can also be customized for other less risky applications—such as census taking, voter identification, building inspection, law enforcement, or any other function that requires instant secure communication with the field.

Two seven inch Rampart tablets lay on a concrete floor of an infrastructure facility.

Utilities, financial markets, and emergency services

Energy, Emergency Services, Defense Industrial Base, and Transportation are just four examples of industries that fall under the Critical Infrastructure Protection program and need to meet federal standards for cybersecurity. Whether under government mandate or as a business best-practice, you need a secure information channel to keep in touch with field personnel. Rampart comes in a variety of configurations, enabling deployment of affordable, customized, secure tablets with the specific features and hardware you need.

The Rampart platform provides secure communication with your private network over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. On this backbone, you can develop customized applications available only on your network to facilitate communication, data gathering, and field testing. Equipping your workforce with a fully functional portable tablet that connects to your private network will enhance efficiency and productivity.

A seven inch Rampart tablet sits on top of an x-ray.

Take-home devices and physician consultation

A healthcare provider can supply a take-home Rampart tablet to patients who are healthy enough to leave the hospital but still need proper monitoring. Patients or in-home caregivers can securely transmit vital statistics over a 3G/4G network with no risk of interception or hacking.

Early detection saves lives and the costs of re-hospitalization. Video conferencing applications can even allow patients with a Rampart tablet to consult privately with a physician from the comfort of their home, helping to reduce Medicaid and personal costs and risks.

A Rampart tablet in the hands of a team of specialists can also offer secure channels of consultation without the privacy concerns of transmitting patient imagery across an open network. With Rampart, you can share patient information without any risk of data leakage.

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