Rampart and CommLock

Secure access to your trusted private cloud

Rampart is an affordable custom-built tablet that provides convenient and authenticated access to secure private cloud services. Rampart uses our proprietary CommLock technology to create and manage a private, secure, and trusted network channel for data transmission to facilitate secure access to your business applications, including:

  • Access to a private App Store
  • File sharing for sensitive documents
  • Email and instant messaging
  • VoIP telephony
  • Secure video and web conferencing
  • Remote desktop services

Healthcare, government, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, Homeland Security, and many other industries looking to securely use mobile devices can immediately take advantage of Rampart’s world-class security without the normally exorbitant prices of a dedicated single-application hardware solution.

Authenticated and encrypted communications

CommLock offers Rampart more than just encryption — it embodies
the philosophy of “trust no one.”

Using your own private cloud infrastructure, custom applications can live and work securely on wireless tablets — even over public networks. Public network infrastructure is a constant target of attack by cybercriminals and malware, but the custom-designed Rampart tablet is secure against these attacks. Charon can also help you design, build, and manage a secure private cloud infrastructure.

In contrast to most commercial products, which use only software-based encryption, the CommLock-enabled Rampart tablet uses domestically sourced, and domestically fabricated embedded hardware-based security. Physically separated crypto and network processors ensure tamperproof authentication and secure transmission of data between the tablet and your designated private cloud.

This offers true red-black separation between the network and crypto chips. Private keys, hashes, and binaries are not stored in the tablet file system where they could be targeted by brute force attacks, malware, and zero-day exploits. The software is currently undergoing FIPS PUB 140-2 derivative certification that should be completed soon.

The Rampart tablet can only be used for designated purposes and cannot be reconfigured. CommLock encrypted traffic is the only path to access the tablet. All other traffic is blocked and all other interfaces are disabled.

Typical CommLock-Enabled Rampart Tablet

The Rampart product line is customized for each customer. Your specific needs will influence hardware and software configurations.

Current Product Specifications
OS: Android Jelly Bean (4.2)
Processor: Freescale i.MX53, 1.0GHz
ARM Cortex A8 core architecture
Memory: 1 GB DDR3 System memory
Storage: 8 GB e.MMC NAND Flash
Display: Brilliant 7-inch 1024x600 or 1280x800
Camera: 2.0 megapixel dual cameras
Sensors: G-sensor, E-compass, GPS receiver
3G/4G: CommLock with LTE / HSPA+ / GSM / GPRS / EDGE / EV-DO Rev A/1xRTT
Wi-Fi: CommLock with 802.11 b/g/n Radio Interface
SIM card: Controlled or uncontrolled access
SD Card: Optional based on security requirements
Micro HDMI output: For use with Digital HDTV, PC monitors, Projectors, etc.
Cover: IP67 ruggedized cover that protects against drops, dust, and water
Other: Open to discuss other custom features.

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