Your Data is Never Secure without Secure Hardware


The increased use of tablets and other mobile devices for both personal and business-related purposes has led to a growing concern regarding mobile security. Private organizations and government agencies face significant challenges with ensuring mobile access to data and services is secure. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are becoming commonplace, as employees often use the same device to access corporate and personal data both at work and home.

This increased mobility presents opportunities for increased productivity as well as significant potential threats to security. Devices are easily susceptible to malware and identity theft. In addition, mobile devices are vulnerable to jailbreaking and rooting, which not only remove many of the restrictions, but also makes the devices more susceptible to being compromised. These vulnerabilities make it imperative that organizations and government agencies identify secure mobile solutions for employees, as they often access confidential information such as:

  • Intellectual property, trade secrets, and other confidential information
  • Personal, health, and financial data

Compromised access to any sensitive information can result in not only significant financial losses, but also large legal expenses.

Software-Based Security is Unreliable

Most security is software based, providing solutions in the form of:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Anti-theft mobile apps
  • Virtualization technology

These solutions don't provide the necessary level of security required to protect hardware. Mobile device operating systems were designed primarily for consumer use. Enterprise-level security was, for the most part, not considered. As a result, data is more susceptible, due to:

  • Insecure key storage
  • Arbitrary memory access
  • No guaranteed data integrity
  • Potential side channel attacks

Hardware-Based Security is Necessary to Protect Sensitive Information

To guarantee mobile device security, a deeper level of protection is required that stays with the device regardless of how and where it is used and managed. Traditional hardware-based security approaches for desktops and laptops was generally not appropriate for mobile devices, as these devices were smaller and lacked the computational resources and power of traditional PCs.

Charon Technologies' Rampart tablet is a custom-built, secure mobile solution that provides convenient and authenticated access to secure private cloud services through hardware-based security. Using the proprietary CommLock technology, secure access to sensitive information is guaranteed, even over public networks.

The Android-based Rampart tablet contains three processors, instead of the typical one. The physically separated crypto and network processors prevent tampering and ensure secure data transmission. All traffic accessing the tablet is CommLock encrypted. Any other traffic is blocked and all other interfaces are physically removed. In addition, the Rampart tablet cannot be reconfigured. It can only be used for the designated purposes. This ensures that access is always secure, regardless of when and where the device is used. Rampart is the first product to utilize CommLock, but it can also be embedded into other mobile devices, such as CommLock Connect, that require secure communication.

Secure Mobile Devices Are the Future in Both the Public and Private Sectors

The move to mobility is inevitable. The accessibility, low cost, and convenience of mobile devices makes them an attractive solution for personal and professional use. However, the potential impact of compromised data is immeasurable. Organizations and government agencies risk the compromise of sensitive information, including trade secrets, intellectual property, personal and health data, and more if proper mobile security measures aren't taken. Commercial software solutions cannot provide the necessary security that is required for mobile devices. Rampart is the only secure mobile solution that guarantees full protection of all sensitive data. In a world where everyone works on the go, Rampart should be the first choice in protection.


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