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According to legend, the man who could undo the Gordian Knot could rule Asia. Efforts of conventional thinkers only caused the knot to tighten. Alexander the Great approached the knot, drew his sword, and cut it, solving a seemingly unsolvable problem with new thinking.

Charon Technologies, a CACI company, creates new ways to solve impossible problems and fulfill future mission-critical needs. Our customers work in the most high-stakes, competitive, and demanding industries. We’re always ready with a new approach for your next Gordian Knot.

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We have technical security covered

Mobile and Network Security Products

Portable spectrum analysis

Spectrum Guard combines hardware and software components into a portable Radio Frequency (RF) detection and monitoring system that is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The software application interface is designed so a user with minimal RF knowledge can operate it, but also provides all the tools an experienced operator needs to accomplish the mission.

Ruggedized spectrum analysis

The Spectrum Guard Elite combines hardware and software into a ruggedized portable Radio Frequency (RF) detection and monitoring system that is small, lightweight, and easy to use. The software interface is accessible by users with minimal RF knowledge, but also provides all the tools an experienced EW operator or Spectrum Manager needs to accomplish the mission. It is intended to be used for RF signals collection and analysis in support of static, vehicle or mobile operations. It is ideal for observing the comprehensive RF spectrum and analyzing logical data from Wi-Fi and cellular devices.


Protect yourself from cell phone interception

Network Guard protects your mobile communications from nefarious surveillance, hacking, and interception by simultaneously sampling mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G LTE and CDMA networks). It detects mobile network interception of all types, from simple IMSI Grabbing to the most sophisticated government systems and allows for directional finding of the sources of interception.

We are looking for passionate people

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Charon is growing quickly. We want people with a passion to build the absolute best products available. We are demanding because our customers are. They come to us in their hours of need, so we need the best people. Solving our customers’ problems is part of the core of every employee.

At Charon, you will be creating some of the most innovative products in the industry. When customers can’t find hardware or software to meet their needs, when a problem can’t be solved, or something is just too difficult, they come to us… and we always deliver.

By the way, great benefits too. Because you are one of the best in your field, you will be compensated accordingly. We also feel that we are leading the industry in our benefits packages.

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