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Protect yourself from cell phone interception

The Network Guard suite of products protects your mobile communications from nefarious surveillance, hacking, and interception through unmatched technology capable of detecting and locating rogue base stations and mobile phone interceptors.

Network Guard Mobile Security Device

The Problem

The last decade's communications revolution has made mobile devices a critical function of our work and personal lives through voice, text, data, and media. Almost everyone in the developed world has a mobile phone and uses that device for important sensitive communications almost on a daily basis.

Regrettably most are unaware of the enormous interception and surveillance vulnerabilities that mobile communications present, no longer the lore of secret government agencies. Technology that allows for mobile phone surveillance is widely available in almost every country around the world, and now being leveraged by nation states, criminal gangs and private investigators. And as this technology floods the market, it has driven the price and skill level to develop copycat products down to levels where it is attainable by all.

The Return On Investment (ROI) to an adversary intercepting information about a merger before it happens, learning key negotiation points in a high profile court battle, or even learning the true name of an undercover operative makes the cost to intercept worth it.

The Solution

Network Guard is the most sophisticated product in the world for detecting active or semi-active mobile phone interceptions. It detects network exploitations in progress regardless of the various techniques that interception and surveillance systems utilize. Collecting and correlating massive amounts of data at mobile network speed, Network Guard makes real-time deductions on the safety of your mobile communications while also storing the data for post mission analytics. This collection is undetectable to protect the user from alerting their adversary to detection. Post mission analysis is rapid, detailed, and can be combined with collections from previous missions to note changes in the network over time.

Network Guard is a system that provides for counter surveillance of mobile network interception and monitoring on 2G (GSM), 3G (WCDMA), 4G (LTE) and CDMA (CDMA2000) networks. Cycle times of only a few seconds allow detection of active and semi-active mobile communications interception of all types from simple IMSI Grabbing to the most sophisticated government-only systems. With almost a decade of experience in this field, Charon Technologies has amassed a library of intercept "fingerprints" from actual rogue base stations. This library includes over a hundred characterizations of how systems manufactured around the world operate.

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What is Network Guard?

Network Guard is able to detect mobile phone interception, rogue base stations, and mobile network anomalies on multiple networks simultaneously. Network Guard has several different configuration options to meet your needs:

  • Network Guard Scout - a complete, stand-alone system for the scanning of mobile networks and the interpretation of this data specifically for the detection and characterization of mobile network interception and surveillance. The data received is geo-synchronized to provide accurate location-based intelligence on the intercepts. The system can be run in passive or active mode and can be used within a moving vehicle.
  • Network Guard Connected - utilizing a distributed network of end points linked to a Command & Control center, Connected scans mobile networks to detect and characterize mobile network interception and surveillance systems. It allows for the connection of one to many distributed systems for data upload, analysis, and monitoring.

World-class features and technology

  • Simultaneous high speed scans of multiple radio access technologies with a real-time analysis and alerting engine
  • Distributed model allows for many static locations to be scanned repetitively utilizing either WiFi or Ethernet and integrated with CTL-SystemWare's Resource Manager 2
  • All visible mobile network data is captured and detailed analysis can be conducted in real-time or at a later time
  • Multiple alert methodologies (e.g., network, SMS, visual, email)
  • Web-based command and control
  • Integrated GPS for accurate positional information
  • Remote out-of-band communication over cellular modem
  • Integrated vector mapping
  • Multiple export data formats
  • System can be operated in autonomous mode
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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Who needs Network Guard?


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Government facilities and activities are often targeted. Embassies, bases, agency headquarters, and even law enforcement activities can be targeted to gain, and potentially exploit, intelligence. Overseas facilities and sensitive operations are of particular concern.

Network Guard is currently deployed with several government organizations worldwide.

Law Enforcement Organizations

Mobile communications surveillance, counter surveillance and forensics all generate significant volumes of data. Network Guard provides law enforcement and Government agencies with a structural framework to manage data and data inter-relationships effectively.

Corporate Enterprises

Corporate Enterprises of all sizes are frequently targeted. Stock traders, executives, consultants, professional advisors, VIPs, celebrities and individuals involved in mergers and acquisitions, are all common targets. Financial institutions are prime targets for direct mobile communications interception due to the frequency and value of the information that is passed via mobile devices. Many important communications are conducted via mobile devices in and around major facilities.

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