The engineers at Charon Technologies don’t set out to just invent new devices and technology; they solve real-world problems. Theoretical engineering has its place, but our engineers are driven to create new and exciting solutions that actually function in the field. Their creative and technical expertise is focused on our customers.

They create solutions for data and mobile security, not just technology for the sake of technology. Bring us a seemingly unsolvable problem, a fully outlined requirement, or just a question, and we will create a comprehensive solution that satisfies current and future technical needs with a custom-designed application of new and existing products.

We can’t tell you about all the cool stuff

Due to the highly specific proprietary nature of many of our best customer-driven solutions, full descriptions of our custom products are not available.

Some of our services include

A tool head and selective assembly surface mount technology.

Specialized electronic and mechanical design

  • Digital, analog, and mixed-signal design using microprocessors, digital signal processors, field-programmable gate arrays, flash memory, and other integrated circuits
  • Multi-layer boards and flex boards
  • Custom-designed metal and plastic enclosures to meet specific mission needs
A close up of a computer motherboard and chip set.

Embedded and application-level software

  • Embedded code on a range of chips, typically using a real-time operating system, a custom operating system, or a lean Linux build
  • VHDL and specialized DSP code implementing a range of algorithms
  • Windows and web-based command and control and analysis interfaces
  • Mobile application development for Android and other operating systems

Compter code is focused.

Reverse engineering and protocol analysis

  • Hardware analysis, including schematic reversing
  • Hardware code extraction
  • Code disassembly and functional analysis
  • Algorithm and protocol reverse engineering and defeat
  • Mobile platform and operating system analysis and reverse engineering
Radio frequency signals line a graph.

RF signals exploitation and communication systems

  • RF signals collection hardware
  • Unique exploitation techniques and analysis tools
  • Custom short-range communications systems using both standards-based and custom waveforms and protocols

Electronic technician works on a computer board.

Electronics and mechanical assembly

  • Full electronics assembly line for surface-mount technology parts, including fine-pitch ball grid arrays
  • Mechanical fabrication, assembly, and integration
Pad lock rests on a computer circuit board.

Security and cryptography

  • Implementation of cryptographic algorithms in secure hardware
  • Cryptographic algorithm research and cryptanalytic product development

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