About us

Charon Technologies’ engineers have a passion for solving the toughest problems across a variety of technical disciplines. We founded the company in 2012 to gather the most talented people we had worked with over the past 20 years, and give them the resources, tools, and support needed to create the most innovative mobile, data, and internet security company.

Charon Technologies, a CACI Company, has decades of collective experience working with customers who have unique requirements for special-purpose hardware used in the most unforgiving environments. Our creativity serves both commercial and government customers who require this kind of specialized technology.

Where dedication & innovation meet

The Charon (Kair-uhn) development philosophy begins with small teams that tackle problems based on a set of top-level goals that allow us to consider new and unconventional approaches. This period of experimentation and discovery on every effort rapidly targets the most promising concepts and is followed by a heads-down development effort to realize a prototype, test the systems, and get our products into our users’ hands in time to meet mission requirements.

The company’s dedication to innovative development has led to successful development and deployment of a wide range of commercial and governmental-focused products for mobile, data, and internet security.

The right tools for the job

Charon's manufactory line.

Charon prides itself on its advanced in-house capabilities to design, develop, fabricate, and test using our top-notch electronics assembly line. We not only build prototypes in our Northern Virginia facility, we have the technical staff to do full production runs keeping all designs, parts, and software under our oversight. This allows for consistency, high quality, and absolute security during all stages of development and production.

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