Introducing the Best Defense Against Mobile Espionage: Network Guard

Thanks to the proliferation of both cell phones and mobile surveillance devices in the past decade, corporate espionage has become increasingly sophisticated. Nefarious organizations or individuals don't need to search through a competitor's trash or send a spy to infiltrate a company's headquarters when trade secrets and other sensitive information can be obtained by intercepting calls, SMS transmissions, and data from employees' cell phones.

It's not just corporations who face risks from mobile interception. The identity of an undercover operative could be compromised. A private investigator could illegally obtain information that is key to a high stakes court case. Foreign hackers could access critical government data. While the most obvious way to prevent this type of mobile attack is to stop using mobile devices, this simply isn't feasible in our digitally-connected world. Fortunately, there's now a practical and secure solution: the Network Guard suite of products from Charon Technologies.

Network Guard Detects Surveillance in Real-Time

The Network Guard suite contains four distinct products -- Sentry, Connected, Scout, and Personal -- which are designed to meet the specific counter-surveillance needs of your organization. While there are several basic counter-surveillance products on the market that can detect nearby mobile devices and cell towers, Network Guard goes several steps further by detecting interference, raising an alarm when abnormal network activity is detected, and collecting data about the interference to help you implement the necessary security changes.

Network Guard is able to detect interceptions in real time, regardless of the method of mobile attack, by scanning mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, and CDMA) every three seconds. The device simultaneously checks for a number of red flags, including false location area codes, a sudden and significant change in cell tower (Cells) power, nearby suppressed Cells, and duplicate Cell appearances. When an anomaly is detected, you will be notified immediately -- and the person attempting to intercept your mobile device will remain unaware that you are using a counter-surveillance device.

Use Network Guard Data to Improve Your Security

Network Guard products are capable of transmitting data about mobile interceptions and hacking for post-mission analysis. Our most basic device, the pocket-sized Network Guard Personal, will raise an alarm whenever interception is detected, and users can choose whether they want the alarm transmitted by SMS, USSD, and/or email.

The Network Guard Scout has a built-in server so that counter-surveillance data can be collected locally and transferred to another secure device for analysis. The Sentry and Connected models allow users to select how they want to raise an alarm and receive data -- ranging from a simple alarm system with no data analysis to data analysis on a secure virtual private network.

By capturing all visible mobile network data, the Network Guard products help users pinpoint the source of the attack in order to prevent future interception. Users can even compare data from the moment of interception to data collected from previous missions in order to observe any significant network changes over time. With Network Guard, you're able to stay one step ahead of adversaries attempting to extract sensitive information from your mobile communications -- and because the Network Guard products are undetectable, your adversaries will be none the wiser.

When to Use Network Guard

Mobile espionage can be incredibly difficult to identify and stop when you don't have Network Guard on your side. If you work in any kind of organization, public or private, that deals with the kind of sensitive information that can affect livelihoods and even personal safety, you need to be able to catch mobile interception as it occurs so that valuable data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

If you would like to learn more about the suite of Network Guard products and how they can protect you and your organization, contact us today.


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